ICON Rehab One – Folding Powerchair Range

Just arrived: ICON Rehab One – Lightweight Folding electric wheelchair (powerchair) Range. This brand new product features advanced folding technology, enabling it to be quickly transported with ease. The range includes 3 models, the standard lightweight folding powerchair (S Model) one with a remote controlled backrest recline (R Model)  and one button electronic auto-fold (F Model)

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The ICON Rehab One – Lightweight Folding electric wheelchair (powerchair) Range features advanced folding technology, enabling it to be quickly transported with ease.

The range includes models, the manual folding version, one with a remote controlled backrest recline and one with one button electronic auto-fold.

Moreover, this range includes features such as

  • Front and rear suspension
  • 2 x 300w powerful efficient alloy motors
  • Electromagnetic braking
  • Strong alloy frame
  • Durable and luxurious seating cushion
  • Side and under seat storage
  • Many more benefits and features.

It’s designed to fit inside small spaces or easily placed into a vehicle for transport.

Models available:

The ICON One Recline (ICON One R)

As well as the ICON One S (Standard) the range also includes remote control adjustable backrest recline option. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted using a remote control and has an extended backrest with an adjustable headrest built-in, to support the head while reclining. The backrest also features push handles.

The ICON One Auto Fold (ICON One F)

The Fold version can fold up to its transport size at the press of a button on the included remote control. Ideal for those with limited mobility or strength.

The ICON One Manual Fold (ICON One S)

Does not feature a one-button electric fold feature or a reclining backrest. This model is suitable for the majority of users that do not need a recline function and can fold the powerchair without requiring help.

Better technology and stronger frame

This lightweight electric wheelchair (powerchair) can accommodate users up to 23.6st. (150Kg). It is the latest lightweight folding powerchair design which has improved on previous models by using higher strength and better quality materials.

It comes with an aluminium alloy drop-down footrest which has been developed to offer better strength over similar plastic designs. The armrests can be folded up vertical which, when combined with the fold-up footrest allows for easier transfer to and from the chair.

With large 13″ rear drive wheels with iconic 3 spoke design wheel hubs the power from the motors is delivered with ease. The twin motors are made from long-lasting aluminium alloy which is very quiet and durable. They offer smoother power and are designed to last longer, with little or no servicing. The motors can be deactivated easily with the flip of a switch, so the chair can be pushed manually if required.

User comfort built-in

The adjustable height backrest is contoured and allows the user to “sink” into the seat frame, which keeps the occupant upright and in the correct position on the seat. The seat frame is height adjustable and also has a thick foam cover over any exposed metalwork, which is more comfortable for the user.  The ICON One also features mudguards which reduce any splashing if travelling through standing water and also prevent dust or dirt “kick up” getting onto the user and the chair itself.

With curved ergonomic armrests that feature a thick layer of high-grade foam, a thickened seat cushion is breathable and has cooling properties. When combined with the front dampening springs and the pneumatic rear wheels ensures a comfortable, smooth ride over the most demanding terrains.

Safety features

For those who are travelling over uneven terrain, the ICON One has an “anti-tip” system built in. This activates if the chair tilts more than 15 degrees from the centre. The ICON One chairs feature an electromagnetic braking mechanism, which makes travel up & down inclines much safer

In-built storage

The ICON One has ample storage under the seat along with 2 mesh “pockets” under the armrests. They are ideal for small items along with phones etc. Ideal for keeping your belongings with you on trips out and a convenient place to store any shopping.


  • Range 20-25Km per full charge*
  • Weight capacity 150 kg
  • Turning radius < 900 mm
  • Max. speed 4.97 mph (8 km/h)
  • Seat height 500 mm
  • Seat width 460 mm
  • Chair length 100 cm
  • Overall width 65cm
  • ICON One S – overall height 98cm
  • ICON One R – Reclining backrest version w headrest, total height 122cm
  • Tyres back: 12″ pneumatic
  • Tyres front: 8″ solid
  • Chair weight (ICON One S & F versions) 26 kg
  • Chair weight (ICON One R adjustable backrest version) 28 kg
  • Folded size 760 mm x 400 mm x 500 mm
  • Controller type PG VR2
  • Drive system 2 x 24 volt, 300W
  • Batteries 1 (additional available)
  • Battery type: 12Ah lithium battery
  • Battery charger dedicated charger

* depending on usage

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