The ATTO SPORT from Moving Life has been in great demand since its launch at the start of the year. Perhaps the only critical comment from customers was that it didn’t cater for the heavier user. That has now been addressed with the launch of the ATTO SPORT MAX. By the clever usage of heavy duty, puncture proof suspension wheels the weight capacity has been increased to a very respectable 21.4 stone. For full product details please read on below:

For many years the Moving Life ATTO has been one of our best selling, folding lightweight mobility scooters. Now, the innovative team at Moving Life have developed the next generation of this fantastic scooter, the ATTO SPORT. This new model has all of the useful features of the original ATTO, but benefits from many extras and design enhancements to ensure it stands out from the crowd. Described as the Sports Car of Mobility Scooters, the ATTO SPORT should certainly turn some heads on your journey.

The Sport version can still be split apart for transportation or storage.  When this is done the heaviest section weighs just 17.5 kilos, making the scooter more manageable than most models of a similar size. It can also folded into suitcase mode, or trolley mode so you can tow it along behind you. For your convenience, the battery can be removed for charging away from the scooter, allowing you to leave this is in your vehicle. The battery is also airline approved making the ATTO SPORT suitable for trips abroad.

The ATTO SPORT brings many new features including an upgraded top speed of 6.2mph, puncture proof “shock absorbing” NPT airless compound tyres that provide a “suspension” ride and sporty PU leather seating and hand grips. Other new features include an anti-theft wireless locking key, a clear LCD display and powerful lights to the front. The lifting handle at the rear also has an independent light of its own.

There is also the addition of more new features including Cruise Control, unique to the ATTO SPORT. For added safety, a powerful front disc brake has been fitted for extra stopping power in an emergency. And, a convenient USB charging port positioned high up on the tiller gives you the convenience of charging your mobile devices whilst on the move.

So, if you are looking for a stylish, sporty solution to your travel mobility needs the ATTO SPORT ticks all of the boxes! (If a greater weight capacity is required, why not upgrade to the MAX version that has a 21.4 stone limit. Please be aware the top speed of the MAX version is limited to 5mph)