ATTO Mobility Scooter


Introducing the ATTO Freedom folding mobility scooter from innovative Moving Life mobility scooters. This is a step forward in the world of portable mobility scooters that fold and have ultra-lightweight batteries. One of the unique features of the ATTO Freedom is that unlike other mobility scooter models similar to this such as the Mobie or Luggie, this actually splits into two pieces if required for transportation, the heaviest part only being 16 kilos! The wealth of experience in design and technical expertise from the team that developed this incredible lightweight mobility scooter is apparent straight away.

The ease with which it can be unfolded ready for use, folded and taken apart for transport or turned into trolley mode to wheel along in an airport or station is simplicity itself. Please watch the video to see for yourself.The Moving Life ATTO Freedom mobility scooter uses lightweight Lithium-ion battery technology that weighs just 4 lbs, but has the capacity to carry a user of nearly 19 stone up to 12 miles between charges. An added benefit of this battery technology is that the battery pack can be removed from the lightweight mobility scooter and charged directly. This means you will not have to purchase an expensive off-board charging unit. It also means you can leave the scooter in the boot of the car and just take the lightweight battery indoors to charge, where the average full charge only takes around 4 to 5 hours.

If you are a frequent traveller then the Moving Life ATTO Freedom folding mobility scooter could well be the lightweight mobility scooter for you. Portability, practicality and an airline safety approved battery will make this a great travel solution for any holiday. To add to its appeal, the Moving life ATTO also has a useful USB charging point for your mobile devices as a standard feature.

ATTO Quick Features:

  • FDA Approved with Flight Safe batteries
  • Range: 12 miles (20-km) range on a 4- to a 5-hour charge
  • Foldable: ATTO can be easily folded into a trolley suitcase that you can carry on the train or plane.
  • Reverse: Features a reverse function
  • All Seasons – Compatible

Multiples Modes

ATTO’s revolutionary mechanism allows it to fold to a trolley suitcase and be split into two lightweight parts

Drive Mode

62.2 lbs (28.2 KG) without battery

Trolley Mode

Compact trolley suitcase that can be taken with you on the train, on the plane or in the trunk in your car.

Split Mode

Two lightweight parts for easy lifting to your car trunk or up stairs.


  •  Design: ATTO provides an unbeatable young and high-tech design.
  •  Motor: Fully customized brushless, permanent magnet, DC motor
  •  Battery: 48 Volt lithium-ion battery – 12 mile (20-km) range on a 4- to 5-hour charge
  •  Adjustable Seat: 3 fixed heights ranging 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) from the ground. with special 4th seat height for kids
  •  Lightweight: ATTO can be split into 2 lightweight parts which allows you to lift it with an ease.
  •  Foldable: ATTO can be easily folded into a trolley suitcase which you can carry with you on the train or plane.
  •  FDA Approved
  •  CE & TUV Certified
  •  All Seasons Compatible
  •  Reverse
  •  Buzzer
  •  Led Display



  • Fully customized
  • Brushless
  • Permanent magnet
  • DC Motor
  • Robust braking mechanism

 Safety Tests

  • Safety: EN12184 Labeling: ISO 7176-15 EMC: ISO 7176-21
  • Risk Management: ISO 14971
  • Regulatory Compliance: EEC: Annex V of 93/42/EEC


  • UL- and CE-approved
  • Self-shutdown functionality
  • 110-240V AC


  • Aviation-grade aluminum
  • High-tech plastics
  • Nylon-enforced ABS
  • PU filled non-pneumatic tires


  • 6 degrees maximum incline
  • 53 inches (135 cm) turning radius
  • 4 mph (6.4 km/h) maximum speed
  • 265 lb (120 Kg) maximum user weight
  • 5 feet (150 cm) minimum user height


  • Safety certification: IEC 62133
  • Sea and Air Transport certficiation: UN 38.3
  • 250 W/h capacity
  • 48-volt “non-spillable” lithium-Ion battery
  • A 4- to 5-hour charge delivers up to 12 miles (20 km) of continuous driving on average


Here at Moving Life, we constantly innovate with new features and accessories that make your experience outstanding. Ask your local dealer for pricing and more information.

ATTO Cane/Crutches Holders

ATTO’s cane/crutches holders are designed to carry your canes/crutches with you wherever you go.

ATTO Foldable Armrests

ATTO’s armrests provide extra comfort for your arms while driving around.

ATTO Padded Cushion

ATTO Padded Cushion adds a soft aerated comfort layer to your ATTO seat.

ATTO Flight Standard Battery

ATTO Flight Standard Battery is a great spare battery to always have on hand.

ATTO Left-hand Throttle Kit

ATTO Left-handed Throttle Kit is a simple adaptation to facilitate optimal steering control for left-handed users.

ATTO Flight Kit

ATTO Flight Kit is a protective cover designed to safeguard ATTO from significant breakage.

ATTO XL Flight Battery

ATTO XL Flight Battery splits in two to overcome strict airline regulations and get on board the flight with you.

ATTO Carryall & Cushion

ATTO Carryall & Cushion utilises the free space under the seat for storage and offers extra seat cushioning.

ATTO Backpack

ATTO Backpack is a semi-rigid bag to carry all daily necessities, including a laptop and spare ATTO battery.

ATTO Cable Kit

ATTO Cable Kit includes four original global cable types to safely and quickly charge ATTO no matter where one may be.

ATTO Mobile Holder

ATTO Mobile Holder is a flexible size-adaptable mobile phone holder that attaches to the handlebar.

ATTO Essentials Pouch

ATTO Essentials Pouch carries your daily essentials, including a spare ATTO Battery.